The Director General of Trade Organization is promoting the politics of monopoly. Khalid Tawab

Karachi (HRNW) The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry is an esteemed chamber of commerce, which it is the responsibility of every trader to uphold and benefit this institution for which I have worked tirelessly and nurtured this institution.

These views were expressed by Khalid Tawab, Presidential Candidate of United Business Group Pakistan 2021, while addressing a gathering of businessmen on the occasion of FPCCI elections. He said that some time ago in FPCCI in 2007 and in Trade Ordinance 2013, the Government of Pakistan set up an institution called Directorate General Trade Organization to control trade and industry with the main objective of ending trade monopoly system. And in this system, the role of associations was given importance in the form of boundaries.

He said that the United Business Group is proud that this group under the leadership of S. M. Muneer Has upheld the rule of law and restored the sanctity of the organization by resolving the issues of traders. He said that in the 2021 elections, the Election Commission had shown impartiality and through bullying and rigging, along with the occupying gangs,had violated the sanctity of a respected institution and the Director General was also showing impartiality and delaying justice. “We have filed our case in the court with all the evidence and the regulator is bound to take immediate action,” he said, adding that the monopoly of a particular group was creating an impression against the basic principles of the DGTO.

Make an immediate and fair decision of pressure. Muhammad Arshad Jamal, leader of the All Pakistan Customs Agents Association, said that the incumbent and incompetent members of the FPCCI wanted to extend their illegitimate power by using delaying tactics and claimed that the regulator was under their jurisdiction They will do their best to complete this year with their delaying tactics.

He said that his claim was confirmed by the fact that the regulator was not ready to take any application, hear complaints and take action against the occupying incompetent gang and this gang was violating the rules under the patronage of the regulator. He said that last year we had also filed a petition for violation of the rules of this gang, but the regulator ignored it and this year also our petitions were not heard and I demand from the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. That if the purpose of the institutions is to favor certain individuals and to establish their monopoly, then we will approach all the legal institutions so that the rule of law can be established in both the office of the regulator and the federation.

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