Sindh to tax people for garbage collection, expand SSWMB

Karachi (HRNW) Its name was Sindh Solid Waste Management Board. Sindh. But the joke was that it collected garbage from only four parts of Karachi — one city in the province.

Now, seven years since it was created, the chief minister and his government have realized that they actually need to get the board to collect garbage from the entire province.

The government started by updating the 2014 law that sets the rules for garbage collection. So we now have a SSWM Act, 2021. It says the board should work in all six divisions of Karachi, not just its West, East, South and Malir where it collects it door-to-door. Garbage bins outside apartments are emptied twice a day by SSWMB teams. Work will start in Central and Korangi districts in July.

“We have started working in Karachi, Hyderabad and Larkana divisions, and the Sukkur tender is in its final stage,” SSWMB MD Zubair Channa said. He said Hyderabad was in bad condition.


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