Alhamra launched a new series, “Funkar Humaray.”

Lahore¬† (HRNW)¬† The Lahore Arts Council launched a new series with artists from different fields of fine art titled “Fankar Humaray.” Alhamra’s platform has its own unique identity, and through this program, Alhamra will further enhance its uniqueness. In the first program, the famous classical singer Hamid Ali Khan was the guest.
On occasion, Executive Director Ejaz Ahmad Minhas has said that Alhamray’s new series “Fankar Hamarey” is our latest endeavor which we are very hopeful of success. He said that no difficulty could stop you if you have good intentions, we will continue to move forward with the same spirit. With this program, Alhamra will give our audience a chance to hear and know their favorite legends, he added.
Director Arts and Culture Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi said that due to COVID 19, we provide quality entertainment very safely. He further said that this institution has always played an essential role in the service of art and artist.
The outstanding performance of Ustad Hamid Ali Khan in the first program captivated the hearts of the viewers and listeners. In this program, LAC will invite artists from the fine arts; besides, Alhamra will pay tribute to our artists who rendered immense services to our country and nation.

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