Taliban reject receiving military assistance from Pakistan in Panjshir

DOHA (HRNW) – Afghan Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen on Wednesday rejected the allegations that the Taliban had received military assistance from Pakistan in their fight in Panjshir.

In an exclusive interview with Iranian TV channel on Wednesday, he said, “We don’t need military aids of any country while we have been fighting for 20 years against the super power and its sophisticated weapons. We have very experienced fighters and weapons.” “That is one of the propaganda we are facing.”

The spokesman said Taliban preferred to resolve the issue of Panjshir through talks but had no choice except for resorting to a military operation when those talks and reconciliation efforts failed.

Shaheen went on to say that the Taliban’s current cabinet makeup is only tentative and subject to changes, and the future government of Afghanistan shall be an inclusive one, with roles in governance assigned to leaders of other ethnicities.

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