Karachi: Oil tanker overturned near Neti Jetty Bridge

KARACHI: (HRNW) A high speed oil tanker overturned on the bridge adjacent to Netty Jetty Bridge in Karachi. The tanker overturned and spilled oil on the bridge. Due to slipperiness, the administration immediately closed both tracks to traffic.

Due to the closure of the track, long queues of vehicles remained on the site area, Sher Shah, Kharadar and other surrounding roads.
The oil tanker involved in the accident has been parked on the bank while the road has also been opened for traffic.

After the overturning of the oil tanker, a large number of people continued to fill the oil cans without caring for their lives. When the situation worsened, the administration, with the help of a crane, parked the oil tanker on the side and cleared the road. After clearing the road, the administration restored the traffic that had been blocked for several hours.

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