Follow Covid SOPs or brace for ‘tough decisions’: Murad Ali Shah

KARACHI (HRNW) The Sindh government on Friday warned people of taking some “tough decisions” if it was unable to put a brake on the contagion resurgence before the advent of major events such as Eidul Azha, local government elections and Muharram.

“This situation can easily be controlled through adopting Covid SOPs such as wearing masks, avoiding handshake, ensuring social distancing, and washing hands voluntarily,” Murad Ali Shah, Sindh chief minister, said while presiding over a ‘Coronavirus Task Force’ meeting at the CM House to take stock of the situation.

The huddle expressed concerns over the increase in Covid cases in Karachi where, according to data available with the government, the highest ratio of 19.76% cases was reported on June 30.

“The situation was not alarming, but it was worrisome,” he said, “We need to control it through mass awareness.”

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