Eighth Muharram processions culminate peacefully across the country

Karachi/Islamabad/Hyderabad (HRNW) Thousands of mourners led the 8th Muharram processions across the country in memory of the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson, Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions.

Muharram processions will also be organized on the 9th and 10th of Muharram, Monday, and Tuesday.

The Punjab government has decided to suspend cellular phone service on Monday and Tuesday while the Sindh government has banned pillion riding on motorcycles.

In Karachi, the main 8th of Muharram procession started from Nishtar Park at 1:30pm and reached Hasina Iraniyan Imambargah through the following route inclduing Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto Road, Mahfil Shah Khorasan, MA Janagh Road, Mansfield Street, Priddy Street. Then again from MA Jinnah Road, Babai Urdu Road, Nishtar Road, Bara Imam, Altaf Hussain Road, Old Napier Road, MA Jinnah Road, Bolton Market, Mumbai Bazara, Nawab Mohabbate Khanji Road and ending at Hasina Iraniyan Imam Bargah.

Authorities closed roads and suspended the Green Line bus rapid transport service for three days.

In Hyderabad, a procession that began at Tando Mir Mahmood on Saturday arrived at Hyderabad’s Talab No. Three. It ended at Tando Mir Mahmood by sunset.

In the federal capital Islamabad, the procession of the 8th Muharram began at Jamiatul Murtaza in sector G-4/9.

Stringent security measures had been put in place and participants were allowed to join the procession only after undergoing extensive searches.

The procession ended at Imambargah Imam al-Sadiq in G-9/2.

Likewise, the processions culminated peacefully in different parts of the country after passing through their traditional routes.


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