Asia Cup Baseball5 Kuala Lumpur 2022 will start today August,17

KUALA LUMPUR/KOTRI (HRNW) Asia Cup Baseball Five 2022 will start today from August 17 in Kuala Lumpur.According to Pakistan Federation Baseball Media Manager Pervaiz Ahmed Sheikh, on the opening day, Pakistan will compete against strong rivals like Singapore and Taiwan one after the other.

In the event, Pakistan has been placed in Group C along with China, Singapore and Taipei while 6 other teams including Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines will participate in the competition in A and B groups.

Before the event, a seminar and a two-day baseball5 coaching course were organized in which team officials from all countries participated.Valerio Cianfoni of the Commission provided basic information in the course.Team Manager Pakistan Syed Fakhar Ali Shah, Syed Fakhar Amir Kazmi and other countries officials have successfully completed this pre-event course and received certificates.