UAE official visited Arshad Sharif’s hotel in Dubai

DUBAI (HRNW) An official of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government visited slain journalist Arshad Sharif in Dubai’s Millennium Hotel on August 19, Geo News has learnt.

The name of Salim Abdullah appears in official papers prepared by Pakistani investigators ascertaining facts about Sharif’s murder.

The two-member team — comprising FIA Director Athar Wahid and IB Deputy Director General Omar Shahid Hamid — has written in a report that “one UAE official Salim Abdullah reportedly met with Sharif at Hotel Millennium Al Basher, Al Bashra Dubai on August 19 (between 2pm to 4pm UAE time)”.

The Pakistani investigators have written to Pakistan Consulate General in Dubai to help the Pakistani team in the identification of Salim Abdullah in coordination with the Dubai police.

Sharif reached Kenya on August 20 on an invitation letter sent to him by Waqar Ahmad, whose brother Khurram Ahmad was driving him when he was assassinated. Waqar told the police that he invited and hosted Sharif at Tariq Wasi’s request.

The Pakistani fact-finding team has written a second letter to the Dubai authorities to provide information which has not been shared till now despite two requests.