20,000 Private CCTV Cameras Linked To Police System In Karachi

KARACHI: (HRNW) 20,000 private CCTV cameras have been linked to the police system in Karachi, whereas, all police stations were upgraded to e-tagging facility.

Inspector General (IG) Sindh police Ghulam Nabi Memon chaired a high-level session to review the law and order situation in the metropolis and overall steps taken by the police force to curb the crime rate.

Additional Inspector General (AIG) Javed Akhtar Odho briefed the session and said that all police stations of the metropolis were upgraded to e-tagging facility, whereas, 20,000 private CCTV cameras were linked to the police system.

He said steps are being taken to modernise the policing system in Karachi.

During the session, a briefing was given to the IG Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon regarding the body cameras. The concerned officers apprised the IG Sindh that 768 body cameras were given to police officials.

IG Sindh said the cops who completed the training of body-worn cameras have an important responsibility in the field. The officers and other cops equipped with body cameras will ensure solid police actions in the coming days.

Moreover, a briefing was given on the security plan for the upcoming local government (LG) elections.

The police action against drug peddlers and gutka sellers was also discussed in the session. The police officers also mulled over the police stations record management system besides exchanging views on details of data uploading of proclaimed offenders and case files of the investigation officers (IOs).

A briefing was also given on the arrests of suspects involved in murdering people for resisting robberies.

Memon ordered the police force to envisage a foolproof security plan for the forthcoming LG polls and ensure its implementation on all levels.