An Exhibition Based on Children’s Work Opens at Alhamra

Lahore: (HRNW) A two-day Art & Craft Exhibition opened today at Alhamra Art Gallery with the joint efforts of the Lahore Arts Council and Unique Group at Alhamra Arts Center, the Mall. Chairman Alhamra Razi Ud Din Ahmed inaugurated the exhibition; the Chairman of Unique group of institutions, Prof Abdul Manan Khuram, Executive Director, Alhamra, Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi and the famous artist Shahnawaz Zaidi were also present at the moment. The exhibition showcases the remarkable work done by the students of the Unique Group of institutions.

In this regard, chairman BOG Alhamra Razi Ahmed said that children’s work shows how fertile our new generation is; such a growing interest in art among the youth is a source of happiness for us. He further said that people who love art have pain in the heart of the whole society because artists are sensitive people. Through their art, they express all the visible and hidden colours and feelings that are invisible to the commoner.

In this regard, the Executive Director of Alhamra Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi said that the children had done an excellent job and deserved congratulations. Zulfi further noted that art is essential for beautifying society and national harmony. Zulfi invited the people of Lahore to participate in the exhibition and said that the work displayed in this show was brilliant and that these children would be tomorrow’s great artists.

In the exhibition, children’s artworks and crafts made on different mediums are displayed. Many children arrived at Alhamra to see the show and expressed their admiration for the work.