Private schools in Sindh to open at 8:30am due to cold weather

KARACHI: (HRNW)  Schools across Sindh will open at 8:30 am for the next two months due to cold weather.

After the education department changed timing of schools, the Directorate of Private Institutions issued a circular in this regard. As per the circular, schools will begin at 8:30 in the morning because of intensity of cold, Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions Sindh Additional Director Rafia Javed said.

The changes in the timing has been made during a meeting of the steering committee. The new timing will continue till March 31.

“As per decision of the Steering Committee of the Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh, taken on April 7, 2022 and in view of the prevailing waves of severe cold in the province, the privately managed schools in Sindh shall function from 8:30 am. The said timing shall remain operative till March 31, 2023. The decision may be strictly followed,” read the circular issued by the additional director.