UO’s Newly-elected ASA takes oath

Okara (HRNW) The newly-elected office bearers of the University of Okara’s Academic Staff Association (ASA) took oath from the Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Sajid Rashid.
The elected functionaries include Dr Hamood-ur-Rehman, President, Qurat-ul-Ain, Vice President I, Dr Saqib Jamil, Vice President II, Dr Muhamad Iqbal, General Secretary, Dr Saman Zahra, Joint Secretary I, Sobia Yaqoob, Joint Secretary II, Dr Saleem Khan, Finance Secretary, Dr Shahzad Farid, Office Secretary, and Usman Shamim, Press Secretary.
The Executive Council members include Dr Amjad Ali, Dr Riaz-ul-Amin, Dr Fahim Arshad, Dr Khalil Ahmad, Dr Shoaib Saleem, Dr Zahid Bilal, Iqra Khadim, Dr Riaz Hussain and Sana Yasin.
Addressing to the Oath Ceremony, the VC congratulated the elected members and advised them to prove to be true representatives of all teachers of the UO. He vowed to extend full support to the faculty for all their positive and constructive initiatives.
Prof Sajid stressed the need of creating unity and harmony among all faculty members for the larger interest of the institution.
The ASA President, Dr Hamood, paid thanks to all teachers for showing trust in his leadership. Sharing his future plans for the teaching community, he said, “Our mission is to empower faculty and to develop a conducive working environment for all. We will also work for the due promotions of the teachers.”
The General Secretary, Dr Iqbal, told that the newly-elected body would provide full cooperation and support to the administration. Moreover, he said that they would work for the development of the UO as an institution of research and innovation.
At the end of the ceremony, shields were distributed among the Election Commission members including Dr Khalid Nadeem Riaz, Sohail Asghar and Shehbaz Ibrahim.