Inflation in Pakistan continues to soar, hitting hardest on low-income households

ISLAMABAD (HRNW) – Inflation continues to be a major concern for Pakistan as the country faces a surge in prices for basic necessities. According to the latest report released by the National Bureau of Statistics, inflation increased by 0.96% during the ongoing week. This marked a significant increase from the previous week and a staggering 45.64% rise annually.

The report indicated that the price of 28 basic necessity items increased, while the price of 11 items decreased. The price of 12 items remained the same. The most affected segment of the population were those with an income of 44,175 rupees per month, for which the rate of inflation was 47.97%.

The prices of essential items, such as potatoes, sugar, tomatoes, flour, beef, cooking oil, energy savers, tea, rice, boiled fresh milk, curd, and petroleum products Increased. In contrast, the prices of onion, chicken, garlic, eggs, LPG, dal mash, dal chana, dal masoor, and dal mung became cheaper.

The rise in inflation has put a strain on the average Pakistani citizen who was already struggling with economic difficulties.