Not a big deal to arrest Imran: Maryam Nawaz

LAHORE (HRNW)– Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Chief Organizer Maryam Nawaz said on Friday that the state wanted to avoid chaos and bloodshed otherwise former premier Imran Khan’s arrest was not difficult.

Addressing a press conference, she said Imran Khan had attacked the state with his full might and he also created chaos in 2014 as well while mentioning Imran Khan was doing mutiny by attacking the police.

She slated the PTI by saying the state institutions should deal with PTI as a proscribed organization while highlighting there were “terrorists” residing in the Zaman Park and Imran Khan was using the innocent people to protect mentioning had Nawaz Sharif did that act, she would have been shameful.

Ms Nawaz alleged that the PTI was cooperating with the foreign agents to start civil war in the country but still his arrest warrrants were suspended claiming Nawaz Sharif was not given this kind of relief.

She added Imran Khan had apologized to America mentioning Teryan White and Toshakhana cases were not fabricated and Imran Khan was using delaying tactics asking PTI chief to tell the court if cases were concocted.

The PML-N’s vice president Imran Khan was now criticizing the former army chief but he used to praise him in the past suggesting PTI chief to appear in the court.

Talking about inflation, she added the previous PTI’s government was responsible for the exorbitant price hike as it had agreement with the global financial suggesting Pakistan was suffering from internal, not external threats.