“Poverty” Pushes Karachi Man To Poison Himself, Daughter

KARACHI: (HRNW) A shocking incident was reported on Friday from Karachi’s Surjani area where a man attempted suicide after poisoning his wife and daughters over poverty.

According to the police officials, the man named Azhar allegedly poisoned his wife, Fatima and his two daughters early in the morning. The poison used to kill animals has been found in the house of the victim.

After being informed, the other family members reached Azhar’s house, where a two years old girl already lost her life.

The rescue teams moved the other three family members to the Abbasi Shaheed hospital where the four-year-old daughter is said to be in critical condition while the doctors are trying to save the lives of the victims. After giving first aid to Azhar, the doctor referred him to Jinnah hospital for further treatment.

In a statement, the neighbours said the family was living in a rented house and Azhar, who was working in a factory had lost his job and was unemployed for the past several months, adding that Azhar and his wife have no contact in the neighbourhood.

The other relatives stated that Azhar was trying hard to find another job to continue the livelihood of the family, but after failing, he attempted suicide after poisoning his wife and children.