Provincial Minister Syeda Shehla Raza’s visit to Darul Aman Sukkur

Sukkur (HRNW) Provincial Minister for Women Development Sindh Syeda Shehla Raza paid a detailed visit to Sukkur Darul Aman.
He said that we are facing problems due to lack of staff. Shortage of staff will be addressed. The provincial minister inspected the CCTV cameras installed in Darul Aman and directed to increase the security.
On this occasion, Secretary Sindh Women Development Department Anjum Iqbal Jumani, Additional Secretary Muhammad Ali Sheikh, DIG Sukhar Javed Jaskani, SSP Sanghar Malik, Deputy Commissioner Dr Shahzad, Assistant Commissioner and other relevant officers were also with him.
The provincial minister gave instructions to DIG Sukkur Javed Jaskani and SSP Sukkur that mobile jammers should also be installed around Darul Aman. DIG Sukkur assured the provincial minister that he would provide all possible facilities to Darul Aman.
The provincial minister directed the concerned deputy director that the minor girls in Darul Aman should be handed over to the Child Protection Authority. All types of media should be banned from entering Darul Aman without the permission of the concerned Deputy Director.
Syeda Shehla Raza issued further instructions that medical examination of refugee women in Darul Aman should be done on a daily basis and blood tests should be done every fortnight or monthly and the complete report should be sent to the head office.
He said that there is a dire need for the honorable judiciary to take care of our SOPs as well. According to the SOPs, Darul Aman or Safe Houses can provide shelter to women for a short period of time. Keeping women in Darul Aman or safe houses for two and a half, three or more years is a violation of SOPs. Children above the age of twelve cannot be kept with their mothers in Darul Aman.
Shehla Raza also visited the ongoing skill development projects with the support of various NGOs and inspected the handicrafts produced by women there. He also directed to introduce handicrafts in the market.