Rana Sanaullah reiterates elections at once in country

ISLAMABAD (HRNW) – Interior Minister  said on Wednesday holding the election on April 30 was not in line with the constitutional procedure.

Addressing the joint-parliamentary session, he said it did not reflect that the government did not want to hold elections but it wanted free and fair elections at once in the country. “Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial said, however, it will not intervene but issue an order, he added. The PML-N had started distributing tickets, he said, following the court’s order.

The minister went on to say elections had also been postponed in 1988 too due to floods adding that the government was of the view that the final decision should be taken after thorough deliberation. “Mr Khan wants to ensue chaos in the country”, he added. Free and fair elections, he said, were necessary to stop the chaos.

He said all the state institutions had their own constitutional duties adding that the power invested in them was the parliament’s prerogative. “The parliament has enacted the roles of the institutions and possesses the power to amend those laws”, he added. The nation, he said, was seeking the parliament’s rule on three basic issues and it would help the government address those issues.