Sindh Government Empowers More Inspectors For Price Control Amid Ramadan

KARACHI: (HRNW) Spokesperson Sindh government Murtaza Wahab said Monday that this year Sindh government has decided to include more people in the mechanism of the price control system.

“This Ramadan to ensure the control on prices of daily commodities we have enforced laws,” he said.

He also underscored that if any shopkeeper is found violating then he will be fined and the shop or the cart will be sealed on the spot.

In regards to keeping the prices in control, Wahab said that an ordinance was presented in the Sindh assembly.

“On 23 march an ordinance ‘Sindh essential commodities price control 2023’ was approved in the assembly.”

He while shedding light on the law-approved said that more people are authorized to visit the shops in Sindh for an inspection of the price list. “98 people are being authorized in Karachi meanwhile, in other districts 10-12 people are authorized to keep an eye on the system.”

The spokesperson also said that the ordinance authorized the inspectors to check the price, search the shops and go downs and the commodities can be confiscated in case of any violation.

“The confiscated commodities will be auctioned the same time as per the prices set by the government,” he added.

Murtaza Wahab reiterated that the system will benefit the poor and will be a relief for them.