Rs6 per unit power tariff hike in offing for KE consumers

Karachi (HRNW) Inflation-hit consumers of Karachi-Electric (KE) should prepare themselves for higher billing as the power tariff is likely to be jacked up by Rs6 per unit.

The federal government has sought the increase from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) in the context of two quarterly fuel cost adjustments (FCA).

The federal government has filed an application with NEPRA and the power regulator will hear it on April 3.

If approved, the amount will be collected from the consumers from the period of April to June 2023.

However, an increase in power tariff will add to the woes of the millions of Pakistanis toiling to put food on the table amid a deepening cost of living crisis that has hit the country of 220 million people.