Alhamra Theatre Festival Wraps Up with a Memorable Finale, Showcasing ‘Ki Janaa, Main Kon’

Lahore (HRNW) The highly anticipated Alhamra Theatre Festival concluded resoundingly, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Drawing participants from Lahore and beyond, the festival received widespread acclaim for its commitment to enriching the theatre scene. The closing ceremony featured the captivating play ‘Ki Janaa, Main Kon’ by the talented Azaad Theatre.

Distinguished guests, including former Deputy Commissioner of Jehlum, Mr. Rizwan Nazir, and Civil Judge, Mr. Syed Qamar Abbas, graced the closing ceremony. The esteemed guests and Executive Director Muhammad Saleem Sagar honoured and appreciated the theatre groups participating in the festival, presenting them with well-deserved shields and certificates.

Executive Director Muhammad Saleem Sagar reiterated Alhamra’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the theatre tradition during his speech. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in making the festival a success, from the dedicated theatre groups to the diligent Alhamra team and other stakeholders. Mr. Sagar highlighted the festival’s purpose of shedding light on pertinent social issues through artistic storytelling, aiming to inspire dialogue and evoke positive societal change.

The curtains falling on the Alhamra Theatre Festival marked a significant milestone in promoting cultural expression and fostering a deeper appreciation for the performing arts. The event’s success not only entertained audiences but also showcased the power of theatre to provoke meaningful conversations and forge connections.