Other parties not digesting PPP’s victory in local polls

KARACHI: (HRNW) Other political parties not digesting victory of the People’s Party in local government elections, PPP Karachi president and provincial minister Saeed Ghani said on Thursday.

In a media talk, Ghani said that these political parties deem Karachi as their fiefdom, but one could win and lose an election.

“A magician had assured Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman that he will become the mayor of Karachi,” he sarcastically said. “Now he shall ask that magician about failure of his magic,” he said.

He will become emir of Jamaat Islami but his hands carrying no lines of becoming mayor of Karachi.

“Most of the PTI members had said before May 09 that they will not vote to Jamaat-e-Islamabad,” he said.

“Hafiz Naeem should be a happy man if reaches near to 160,” Saeed Ghani said about the mayor’s election.

“People’s Party and the allies’ votes reach nearing 173,” he said. “One should avoid indulging in ethnicity and prejudice after losing an election,” he advised.

Talking on provincial budget, Ghani said that the budget will be presented in the assembly in June and Sindh government have education and health as priority sectors.