Punjab University Students Explore Artistic Marvels at Alhamra Art Museum

Lahore (HRNW) A delegation of 29 female students from the Department of Textile Design at Punjab University recently had the privilege of visiting the Alhamra Art Museum, Cultural Complex at Gaddafi Stadium.

During their visit, the students were warmly received by the staff of the Museum, who provided them with a fascinating tour of the Museum’s remarkable collection. They had the opportunity to admire and learn about the impressive 244 artworks created by 116 talented master artists currently showcased in the Museum.

The Alhamra Art Museum continues to be a popular destination for educational institutions nationwide, including Punjab, as it offers a rich and inspiring artistic experience.

The Museum attracts local visitors, but it also garners the attention of international delegations eager to witness the unique artworks exclusively showcased at Alhamra.

Executive Director Alhamra Muhammad Saleem Sagar expressed his admiration for the contributions of world-renowned artists and highlighted the Museum’s role in nurturing the talents of the new generation. He emphasized the Museum’s commitment to providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their skills and further develop their artistic abilities.