Indonesian aircraft grounded at Karachi airport

KARACHI: (HRNW) An Indonesian aviation company’s aircraft has been immobilized at Karachi Airport for the past three weeks due to an unexpected technical fault.

The ATR aircraft was en route from Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates when it encountered technical difficulties, demanding an unexpected stopover at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan.

According to sources, the Indonesian private aircraft initially landed at Karachi Airport for refueling. However, unforeseen technical issues arose during this stopover, preventing the plane from resuming its journey to the UAE.

In response to the situation, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) swiftly mobilized its engineering team to assess and address the aircraft’s technical woes.

Sources close to the development revealed that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is closely monitoring the inspection and repair process, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and aviation standards.

Remarkably, the flight crew, which had been on board the aircraft during the ordeal, departed for Jakarta, Indonesia, aboard another plane provided by the Indonesian aviation company.

As per sources, the Indonesian aviation company sought assistance from PIA to rectify the technical issues plaguing their aircraft.

Upon completion of the necessary inspections by PIA’s engineering team, the Indonesian private aircraft is anticipated to be declared airworthy and ready to resume its intended journey.