Parking mafia thrashes citizen in Karachi’s Saddar

KARACHI (HRNW) The parking mafia on Tuesday brutally thrashed a citizen, who is a watch seller, near Karachi’s Saddar Mobile Market.

According to details, the incident took place near Karachi Saddar Mobile Market when the watch seller – identified as Abdul Jabbar – refused to ‘pay double’ to parking mafia.

Following the refusal, the parking mafia hit the citizen on the head by a stone and thrashed him after the latter get injured. The citizen was shifted to the hospital for immediate medical assistance.

In a statement, watch seller Abdul Jabbar said the parking mafia demanded double payment for parking his vehicle. “They said he would not be allowed to park his vehicle there for over an hour,” the citizen claimed.

Abdul Jabbar claimed that he regularly pays Rs100 for parking his vehicle, but today they demanded ‘extra money’. “They hit me with a stone and also broke my motorcycle,” he added.

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) South has taken notice of the incident and directed the Preddy Station SHO to arrest the parking mafia thugs involved in beating the citizen.