Ship anchors at Port Qasim with Bulgarian wheat cargo

KARACHI: (HRNW) A ship carrying 35,000 metric tonnes of imported wheat cargo from Bulgaria has anchored at Port Qasim.

Offloading of the wheat cargo from MVC Bird has started.

Two more vessels carrying wheat from Russia, have also reached to the outer channel of the Port Qasim. Overall, three ships carrying over 1,40,000 metric tonnes of imported wheat, have reached Pakistan.

According to reports, wheat prices going down in the market with arrival of the grain cargo. The price of wheat has dropped by Rs.7 per kilogram to reach 118 rupees after arrival of imported wheat in Karachi.

The retail price of the wheat flour also expected to slide by 10 rupees per KG in the market with arrival of imported wheat.

Wheat, a staple food of most of Pakistanis, being imported to control shortage of the commodity, soothing bullish prices and to ensure sufficient supply of the commodity in the market to check hoarding and profiteering.