Continue the struggle for the implementation of Nizam Mustafa in the country: Bilal Abbas Qadri

Karachi (HRNW ) Convenor of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Central Supervisory Committee Sahibzada Bilal Abbas Qadri has said that they will not tolerate any hindrance in the celebrations of Milad rally and processions.

More than 20 crore Ashikaans will participate in the Milad processions across the country. Security should be provided to fool-proof Milad rallies and processions across the country, including Karachi.

The federal and provincial government should end the load shedding of electricity till 12 Rabi Awwal across the country, including Karachi, and continue the struggle for the implementation of Nizam Mustafa in Pakistan.

Abbas Qadri said that to save the country from corruption and poverty, Nizam Mustafa must be implemented. The anti-people policies of the propagandists are worried and fed up, the rulers should avoid anti-people policies, measures should be taken to protect the programs of Milad Mustafa ﷺ and maintain peace and order.