Karachi citizen pays price for not closing SIM after mobile snatching

Karachi (HRNW) A Karachi citizen paid the heavy price for not closing his SIM card from the cellular company after his mobile phone was snatched by the muggers.

The muggers managed to transact money from the victim from the ATM and an online banking account by using the stolen SIM card.

According to the details, muggers looted three citizens near the Korangi No 5 area and snatched cash, mobile phones and ATM cards.

One of the victims had blocked his ATM card and other services except his SIM card following the robbery.

The muggers managed to activate the citizen’s ATM card and access code of his online banking account by using the credentials from the stolen documents.

Later, the dacoits transferred Rs21,000 from his ATM card and an online banking account.

The victim told the media that he lodged a complaint at the local police station.