SHC furious as police report fails in missing person case

KARACHI (HRNW) The Sindh High Court (SHC) expressed a deep dissatisfaction with the police’s handling of missing person’s case.
The court rejected the submitted police report, critisising at as a mere stereotypical and demanded strong measures for the recovery of the individuals who were disappeared.

During the hearing, Justice Nimatullah Phalputo voiced frustration, questing the lack of progress by the police in recovering the missing persons.

The court ordered an acceleration of efforts and requested a progress report from the investing officer.

The public lawyer told the court about numerous meetings, including 21 JIT and 60 task force sessions dedicated to the case.

However, the justice inquired about the report from the interior secretary.

On the occasion, one of the families emotionally pleaded for the resolution, stating that after nine years, there is still no information about their missing relatives.

The court adjourned the hearing, demanding reports from the police, including the interior secretary and defence.