CM Murad Ali Shah directs Sindh IG to fill 25,000 vacant positions

KARACHI (HRNW) Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday directed the provincial Inspector General (IG) Riffat Mukhtar to fill 25,000 vacant positions in the police department.

He issued the directives in a meeting related to law and order which was attended by Director General (DG) Rangers Sindh Major General Azhar Waqas, IG Mukhtar, commissioner and others.

Directing the IG to fill the vacant positions, the three-time CM said that the recruitment in the police departments will only be merit-based.

Approving Rs2 billion for the construction of 708 police stations, CM Shah ordered a similar construction of the stations, saying that these funds should be properly spent.

Speaking about the law and order situation in the province, the chief minister said that the first responsibility is to protect the people and their property. He added that the situation was bad in the riverine (kutcha) areas for some time.

Expressing disappointment over the situation of street crime, CM Shah said he wants improvement by paying special attention to law and order.

“The dacoits should be eliminated in the kutcha areas of Sukkur and Larkana at all cost,” said Shah, adding that he will take action against the dacoits in collaboration with Punjab and Balochistan governments.

Highlighting the issue of drugs, the chief minister said that police, Rangers and other organisations should work together to rid Sindh of drugs.

The CM also directed increasing the number of police stations from 12,000 to 24,000 in Karachi in a bid to control the crime.

When the CM was told that 23 people were killed in January and February this year due to robberies, he said that additional police personnel should be deployed at street crime hotspots. “There will be zero tolerance for street crimes,” he asserted.

The IG then briefed the chief minister on the action taken by the police against street crimes in Karachi.

CM Shah said that the number of pickets and police personnel should be increased in the kutcha areas after he was told about the number of people being kidnapped.

The Rangers DG then briefed the CM regarding the operations being conducted by the Rangers and police against terrorists and drug peddlers.

CM Shah directed the police and Rangers to eliminate the street crimes and dacoits from kutcha areas together, adding that he will soon call a meeting over this matter.

He also directed improving the traffic situation in Karachi while banning flashlights in vehicles except for police patrol cars and authorised vehicles.