Sindh to remain gripped by ‘severe’ cold wave

KARACHI (HRNW) The Pakistan Meteorological Department Monday said Sindh will remain in the grip of a severe cold wave as its residents shiver in the rain-induced chilly weather.

According to the Met Office, the temperature in the province will be 10 degrees lower in a couple of days as compared to the normal March weather.

Karachi saw severe cold weather continue its comeback, particularly following the Friday spell of rain and thunderstorm in the city.

“The normal average temperature for March in Karachi is 19.4°C. Today, the temperature in Karachi was 11.1°C, which is 8.3°C lower than the normal March weather,” the PMD stated.

As per the Met Office, forecasting rain in Karachi will be premature using the March system.

The weather forecasting department said that the temperatures are expected to go up to 30°C from Friday.