Eid season flopped badly, barely 20 million people could buy new clothes on Eid, Atiq Mir

Karachi (HRNW) Business leader Atiq Mir has said that this time the Eid season failed miserably. The purchase was limited to 40%. The 2024 Eid sale season of traders was more disappointing than last year.
In a video statement, Atiq Mir said that the worst downturn in the country’s history in the markets has blown the minds of the traders. In the biggest city of the country, barely two million people could buy new clothes on Eid. The purchasing power of the buyers was severely affected by the nerve-wracking inflation.
In spite of the hustle and bustle in the bazaars, there was no shopping as per the tradition. The businessman was able to sell goods worth 15 to 18 billion rupees.
Atiq Mir said that more than 70 percent of the goods collected in the warehouses for sale on Eid remained in the warehouse. Traders termed 2024 as the most disappointing year of the last 75 years in terms of business.
Atiq Mir said that it became difficult for the businessmen to meet their business and household expenses.