Karachi police reveal data on killings over robbery resistance in Ramadan

KARACHI (HRNW)  At least 19 were killed and 55 injured over resisting robberies during Ramadan 2024 amid rising crime rate in Karachi, media reported.

According to a police officials, the armed robbers gunned down 19 citizens in Karachi over robbery resistance during Ramadan.

Additionally, the killings in robberies have recorded a sharp increase in 2024 with a total of 56 killings and injuries to over 200 citizens so far.

During the January-April period last year, armed robbers shot dead 25 citizens while 110 people were injured over resisting robberies.

In 2023, as many as 108 people were killed and 469 were injured over robbery resistance.

Meanwhile, the Karachi police claimed a total of 425 shootouts with the robbers so far this year. Police claimed to have killed 55 dacoits while injuring 439 in these operations.