8th batch of relief goods sent from Pakistan to Gaza

KARACHI (HRNW) Pakistan continues to deliver relief goods to the oppressed people of Gaza.
The 8th batch of relief goods from Pakistan was sent by ship from Karachi to help the Palestinians.
The Ambassador of Palestine, NDMA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Armed Forces officers posted in Pakistan participated in the departure ceremony of the relief goods.
The ship will arrive at Said Port in Egypt with aid supplies.
After receiving the relief supplies, they will be sent to Gaza for distribution.
The eighth batch of relief supplies consists of 350 tonnes of relief supplies including medicines and medical supplies, dry food, hygiene kits, tents and jerrycans.
A total of 630 tons of relief goods have been sent by Pakistan to the suffering people of Gaza so far.
The goods sent earlier included tents, surgical supplies, medicines and food packs and other essential items.
Pakistan stands with the Palestinian brothers and sisters in this hour of difficulty and will continue to support them