MQM-P threatens to stage protest against PPP

KARACHI:  (HRNW)  The Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan (MQM-P) issued a robust response to a recent statement made by Mayor Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, media reported on Sunday.

The Sindh Assembly Members of MQM-P have strongly criticized Murtaza Wahab’s recent statement, labeling it as baseless, absurd, and riddled with unfounded accusations and warned PPP to avoid such political tactics.

Following the media reports showcased instances of weapons being smuggled in vehicles belonging to People’s Party ministers, the assembly members highlighted that the arrogance, incompetence, corruption, and alleged support for criminal elements within the leadership of the PPP has been exposed to public.

Furthermore, the MQM-P members accused PPP government of issuance of arms licenses to the people in the province, resulting in the raise in violent activities, including incidents of kidnapping for ransom and targeted killings, in the metropolis.

MQM-P also pointed fingers at the PPP for allegedly supporting gang wars under the guise of Aman committees in areas like Lyari and other slums of Karachi during 2012 and 2013. They asserted that those who did not comply with the Aman committee condition were met with lethal consequences.

Regarding the Sindh police, MQM-P members argued that instead of focusing on law enforcement, PPP ministers have politicized and corrupted the police force. They demanded a thorough scrutiny of all police recruitments made in the past 15 years.