Action of SFA in District East Muhammad Ali Society. A fine of Rs. 3 lac imposed on Ideal Bakery

Karachi (HRNW) The team of Sindh Food Authority have taken action in East District under the supervision of Director General Sindh Food Authority. During the operation, Ideal Bakery situated in Muhammad Ali Society was inspected. During the inspection, the sanitation situation was found to be poor. A fine of three lakh rupees was imposed on the management of the bakery for this situation
The production house of the bakery was also temporarily closed. Talking on this occasion, Director General Sindh Food Authority Agha Fakhar Hussain said that violation of hygiene rules would not be tolerated.
People engaged in food items business should get license from Sindh Food Authority. He said that action would be taken under the Sindh Food Authority Act against those who do not take license and those who violate the rules of hygiene.