Katcha area criminals killed in Karachi encounter

KARACHI (HRNW) Two robbers killed in encounter with police in Defence area of the city were found to be most wanted to the law enforcement agencies, media reported on Thursday.

Sher Ali alias Piyaro and Zulfiqar alias Zulfi, killed in encounter with police in Karachi this morning, were linked with a katcha area gang of bandits in interior of Sindh, police officials said.

These criminals had organized a group in Karachi and committing crimes in the port city.

“They had recently killed an industrialist Asif Balwani in Defence area,” police said. Both accused killed today and their other accomplices were involved in the Balwani’s murder and key evidence found in this respect, police officials said.

Police has found videos of the slain accused, in which they were seen committing crimes. “They can be identified in these videos,” police said.

They were coming from the Sindh’s interior areas to commit crimes in Karachi. “The gang has been comprised of 10 to 15 members,” police said.

They have been booked in various criminal cases in interior of Sindh and Karachi, police said. They were involved in house robberies as well as snatching money from people drawing cash from banks.