Man killed in front of his son for resisting robbery in Karachi

KARACHI (HRNW) In a distressing incident, robbers shot dead a man and injured his son for resisting robbery in Karachi’s Korangi Coast Guard Chowrangi area.

As per details, robbers entered a gas filling shop at Korangi Coast Guard Chowrangi and opened fire during resistance, killing Zafar and injuring his son Wahab.

Police reported that the injured Wahab managed to seize the pistol from the robbers and fired at them, causing both robbers to flee the crime scene.

The injured robbers went to Jinnah Hospital for treatment, where the injured Wahab identified them, leading to their arrest by the police. The robbers were identified as Qadir and Ehtisham.

The injured Abdul Wahab informed the police that they work in the LPG business and that their shop had been robbed three times before. When three robbers came to the shop this time, he recognized them.

Wahab recounted that when the robbers shot his father, he snatched the pistol from one of them and shot both robbers, injuring them. He sustained two gunshot wounds from the robbers. The robbers were residents of Bengali Para.

The injured son demanded justice, stating that he witnessed his father’s murder.