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If you’ve been holding out on getting your very own Pebble Time, congratulations, because your patience has been rewarded. Today, the company is dropping the price of two its Time smartwatches — both the Time and the Time Round — by $50, which means they’re both now $149.99 and $199.99 respectively (the Time Steel remains the same at $249.99). Also of note is that the Time Round (arguably the better looking of the two) is now available at several retail locations in the UK and the EU. Oh, and that price drop should be reflected in those countries as well.
And no worries if you just got one: if you bought it on or after January 21st this year, the company will match the difference. Just email [email protected] with “Price Adjustment” in the subject along with your original order number and the price will be adjusted, says Pebble.
Aside from the lower prices, Pebble has also released a couple of new stats about its Pebble Health app, the built-in fitness tracker it launched last December. Seeing as it’s a baked in feature, it’s no surprise that over 90 percent of Time watches have activated it and two-thirds of devices are using it on a weekly basis. Pebble said that the app will get more features going forward too; expect more info from running plus a new section in the main Pebble app that shows activity history.

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