Islamabad (HRNW): Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadev, who was detained by the Pakistani security agencies from Balochistan, confessed to the Indian secret agency RAW’s involvement in destabilising Pakistan in a video aired during a joint press conference by the civil and military leadership of the country on Tuesday.
The RAW agent, Kulbhushan Yadev, who was nabbed from Balochistan, was tasked to destabilise Pakistan, create unrest, sponsor terrorism, separatism in Balochistan and target the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This was stated by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rashid and Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Lieutenant General Asim Salim Bajwa at a joint news conference.
A seven-minute video statement of the Indian intelligence operative was also played during the press conference in which he acknowledged that he was a serving Indian Navy officer working for RAW.
Yadev can be seen in the video admitting that he was an active officer of the Indian Navy and was working in Pakistan at the behest of RAW. “I am still a serving officer in the Indian Navy and will be due for retirement in 2022,” said Yadev.
He also confessed to sponsoring many terrorist and subversive activities, links with Baloch separatists and future plans after entering Balochistan from the Iranian port city of Chahbahar.
The RAW agent said he was directly handled by Indian National Security Adviser, the RAW chief and a joint secretary of RAW. He said he had been acting under the code name of Hussain Mobarak Patel and also stayed in Karachi during the years 2003 and 2004. He said he promoted the criminal mindset that was there in Balochistan, adding that another task assigned to him was to target the Gwadar Port. He said he also supported individuals who worked to destabilise Pakistan.
Yadev also confessed to funding Baloch separatists along with other terrorists and was also assigned the task to prepare and activate 30-40 RAW agents. He said that he was arrested by the Pakistani authorities while he was heading to Iran.
“By 2002, I commenced intelligence operations. In 2003, I established a small business in Chahbahar in Iran. As I was able to achieve an undetected existence and visits to Karachi in 2003 and 2004 and, having done some basic assignments within India for RAW, I was picked up by RAW in 2013,” he added.
The Indian spy said that he has been directing various activities in Karachi and Balochistan at the behest of RAW  RAW since 2013. He also confessed playing a role in deteriorating law and order situation of Karachi.
“These activities have been of anti-national or terrorist nature which resulted in the killing and wounding of Pakistani citizens.”
Lt Gen Asim Bajwa said arrest of a senior level serving officer of Indian navy was a major success and credit for this goes to Pakistani intelligence agencies. He said the arrest of the spy establishes Indian interference in Pakistan especially in Balochistan and Karachi.
“What can be bigger proof of state-sponsored terrorism than this,” General Bajwa said. He said at the time of arrest, Indian, American and Pakistani currency was recovered from the Indian agent besides maps of Pakistan and Balochistan.
The DG ISPR said during de-briefing, Yadev confessed that his task included networking of intelligence operatives, funding, supply of weapons and human smuggling and training. Yadev also confessed his role in Gwadar blast involving Chinese nationals, terrorist attack on Mehran Airbase, assassination of SSP Karachi Chaudhry Aslam, setting up of a sectarian tiger force in Karachi, networking of Balochistan nationalists and subversive activities in the province.
He said during interrogation, the RAW agent also confessed that Gwadar was his major target as part of the plan to disrupt the CPEC. Yadev said he was also planning to infiltrate 30 to 40 trained agents of RAW for reviving Baloch nationalist movement and undermine the CPEC.
Asim Bajwa said Yadev was based at Iranian port city of Chahbahar where he had jewellery business. He also visited Pakistan as scrap dealer.
Replying to a question whether the issue was raised with the Iranian president during his recent visit, he said the issue of use of soil of the brotherly country against Pakistan was raised with Hassan Rouhani. To another question, he said the issue of Indian interference would be raised at all available regional and international fora. He said the international community would be requested to support Pakistan in overcoming the challenge of terrorism.
He told a questioner that there are sleeper cells of terrorists across the country and all of them would be targeted by employing appropriate force including police, Rangers and Pakistan Army.
General Bajwa confirmed the presence of an active network of RAW within Pakistan, saying that Yadev’s mission included conducting of operations in Karachi and Balochistan, adding that the spy was directly connected with RAW and the Indian authorities.
“Your Monkey with us” is the codeword of Yadev,” said Bajwa, adding that different maps and foreign currency was also discovered from him at the time of his arrest.
The DG ISPR stated that Yadev wanted to target Gwadar port and CPEC project. He also said that the apprehended spy is aware of the funding made regarding the attack carried out on Mehran Airbase and that Yadev also tried to form a ‘tiger force’ in Karachi which aimed towards spreading sectarianism in the city.
Pervaiz Rashid stated that investigation was being carried out against the apprehended Indian spy and significant leads are being obtained in this regard about which the media will be kept updated. He said that the matter is being discussed with India through the Foreign Ministry.


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