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Roti, Kapra & Makan: The manifesto of Bhutto still lies mere ostensibly by the predecessors just to extort & ransack, but in fact vision has been changed into starvation, be shroud & grave. This picture is really exposed an ill governance, rampant corruption & ineligibility of Rulers. It is the core responsibility of the government to provide employment, shelter and basic necessities to the citizen, but seems it that ruling is just become the musical chair of looting for themselves and depriving the masses. As per estimation by the Transparency International that present provincial government incriminated Rs.500 billion corruption in every year comprising its 8 years regime. This was also quoted and slam by a Sindh nationalist leader Ayaz Lateef Palejo in his recent press briefing. The man eating from the waste food just to fill his hunger reflects sick and apathetic attitude towards society too.


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