Chairman CDA meets with officers and MCI with special Assistant of PM

Islamabad (HRNW)- The Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) alongwith Special Assistant to Prime Minister met the officers of CDA and MCI here on Monday.

The officers of CDA were briefed on the expected changes that are to come forth after restructuring process.

The participants were briefed about the broad outlines of the restructuring where by a new non executive board will be formed in accordance with CDA ordinance and the principles of corporate governance.

The participants were assured that career paths of CDA employee will not be disturbed and promotion prospects will remain as such.

Queries of participants were duly responded. The session continued in an open and healthy environment for nearly an hour. They were assured that efforts should be made to become agents of change. CDA needs to evolve and this is the first step. Our goal should be to ensure service delivery. The future setup of CDA where the ordinance is revised and reviewed will take a few months but the restructured board is a reality now.

The officers were reassured of protection of their rights as the proposed changes do not affect CDA cadre and relate to administrative action by the government under enabling provisions of law.

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