AVLC arrests motorcycle lifters and recovered stolen MC

Karachi (HRNW)- AVLC Lyari has arrested two (02) Motorcycle Lifters and recovered two (02) Motorcycles from their possession.

The arrested accused Azan @ Azahan s/o Yusuf has been arrested earlier also and also an absconder in another motorcycle lifting case.

The accused Irshad s/o Hafeez is a buyer of Stolen Motorcycles, who sells the parts and other accessories of those stolen motorcycles.

While AVLC West has recovered a snatched Suzuki Ravi and arrested accused Kashif.

AVLC Clifton has recovered a stolen Toyota Crown which was wanted in FIR No. 567/2019 u/s 2019 of PS Defence.

Legal proceedings and efforts for further arrests are underway.

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