German military apologizes for Instagram photo of Nazi uniform

The German military apologized on Wednesday for a picture on its Instagram account that showed a replica of a Nazi uniform bearing several swastikas.

The photo appeared on Tuesday as part of a Bundeswehr Instagram story and was taken at the Military History Museum in Dresden.

It was captioned: “Fashion is also an aspect. To this day, there are military elements in haute couture.” A brightly coloured sticker with the word “Retro” also flashed over the photo.

The photo showed an apparent Wehrmacht uniform on display at the museum. Amongst other items attached to the piece of clothing are two iron crosses and an imperial eagle, all with swastikas on them.

But the museum said the uniform was not a genuine article from the Nazi era, but rather designed for a Hollywood movie.

The Bundeswehr and Defence Ministry apologized.

“We made an unacceptable mistake yesterday,” the Bundeswehr tweeted.

“Extremism of any kind is an absolute no-go in the Bundeswehr,” a spokeswoman for the Defence Ministry told dpa.

She said the caption had been intended for a different image and that the intent of the Instagram story had been to show the influence of uniforms on fashion over the centuries

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