PM should take action against corrupt police officers on pattern of Punjab: Haleem Adil

Karachi (HRNW)- The rising incidents of murders and kidnapping of girls in Sindh are because the provincial government has totally incapable to give people safety and security. This government is only concerned about its corruption and kickbacks, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh leader and parliamentary leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here Monday.

Addressing a crowded press conference in the committee room of Sindh assembly flanked by MPAs Aslam Abro, Saeed Qureshi, Dua Bhutto and others he said, Dua Mangi was recently kidnapped from a posh area of Karachi in broad daylight. He said Gul Samaa was brutally murdered. He said the chief minister and police are responsible for the murder of the innocent girl in Dadu. He asked where the Sindh government and police were when this girl was killed at Wahi Pandhi near the native village of chief minister Murad Ali Shah.

Haleem Adil said now a blue eyed boy of rulers, SSP Aijaz Sheikh of Umerkot has murdered a man Kanbhoo Khan Shah inside police lockup. He said such police officers are tarnish on the face of police department. He said they would request Prime Minister Imran Khan to purge police department in Sindh from black sheep belonging to federal police service like the pattern of Punjab province.

He said the government of Sindh has miserably failed to serve the people of this province. He said people of Sindh got AIDS due to negligence of this government. He said 186000 people in Sindh have already been bitten by stray dogs, which are also biting innocent children, but no action is taken against the officers who have failed to control stray dog population. He said funds of Rs.50 Crore are tagged to control stray dogs but so far not single stray dog is killed. He said Umair of Larkana was bitten by stray dog. He said another boy was bitten by stray dog in Sehwan and he was not given vaccine. He asked if now Sindh government would form a ‘Catch Dog Force’.

Haleem Adil said a JIT should be formed on startling disclosures of criminal Thaili Walla. He asked why Murad Ali Shah used to visit this target killer. He said everyone knows about the level of corruption in Sindh. He said 30 Crore rupees were eaten by corruption mafia in the name of CM’s Karachi cleanliness drive.
He said the Sindh CM is required the NAB. He asked who are Afaq Shahid and Saleem Bajari and who gives money to them.
He said Bilawal has claimed to liberate Kashmir; however, he better improve governance in Sindh before liberating Kashmir. He asked if Bilawal has brought any improvement in Thar. He said we have given health cards to 275000 people in Thar.

He said retired bureaucrats are being appointed in Sindh Education Foundation which is a new form of corruption and nepotism. He said we are stopped when we speak in assembly and our resolutions are not being implemented. He said thieves are brought on pretext of production orders. He said hundreds of people have already died of dengue fever. He said locusts have devastated crops in the province.

He said now there is a plan to occupy forest lands. He said for this purpose this department is gifted to Aijaz shah Sheerazi .He said price hike is on the rise and poor people are suffering a lot. He said there is huge difference in prices of vegetables in wholesale and retail market, and the government is responsible for it.

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