More than half of first-time mothers in Germany 30 or older

More than half the women in Germany giving birth to their first child last year were aged 30 or older, the Federal Statistics Office reported on Wednesday.

Over the course of 2018, 48 per cent of first-time mothers were aged between 30 and 39. A further 3 per cent were 40 or older. In the latter group, 67 women aged 50 or older gave birth to their first child.

In total there were 366,000 first-borns in 2018, with the mother’s average age at birth being 30.

The proportion of women aged between 45 and 49 with no children rose to 21 per cent in 2018 from 17 per cent 10 years earlier.

The figures revealed strong regional differences. Women in the eastern part of the country were less often childless than in the western part.

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