Brutal torture upon lawyers, ILA sends open letter to PM

Essex (HRNW)- The International lawyers Association having head office in Essex United Kingdom has lamented the incident and torture upon the lawyers in Lahore by the police.

The Association, in this regard sent an open letter addressing to the Prime Minister Imran Khan “As you are aware that the brutal police force and immense violence by the young doctors and paramedics staff has been inflicted upon the lawyers (mostly young lawyers) in Lahore on 11 December 2019 at Punjab Institute of Cardiology. The facts and circumstances of this grave incident yet to be disclosed by the investigation authorities. Apparently, in the pursuance of viral video footages, dozen of lawyers haveĀ  seriously been injured during the protest either by the excessive and unnecessary police force and violent action of the doctors and their para medics staff.

In the modern and civilized world, the protests are being contained through tear gas, pepper gas or water cannons. There was. nonetheless, no need to inflict excessive force against the young lawyers, who have been protesting against the mockery of doctors.

We, therefore, condemn the police, doctors and paramedics abhorrent and distasteful actions. The perpetrators and culprits on and off the scene must be brought to justice with written apology from the Central and provincial governments in tandem with the law and enforcement agencies and medical practitioners.

We also asserts, victims of condemnable incident i.e. highly qualified lawyers must be compensated against the physical, emotional and psychological shocks suffered” said Sajjad Kiyani the vice president of ILA

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