Germany’s SAP reduces working time for new fathers

Software giant SAP will start offering new fathers among its more than 20,000 German employees the option of working less after the birth of their child without loss of pay.

Starting in January, they can reduce their working time by 20 per cent for eight weeks after the birth, but still earn their full salary, the head of human resources at SAP Germany, Cawa Younosi, told dpa.

“We are offering them the opportunity to spend more time than usual with their family, in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere,” he said.

The offer increases to 12 weeks in cases of multiple births. The approach is similar to the maternity leave for women, which is regulated by law.

SAP, which is headquartered in Germany, has around 24,000 full-time and part-time employees in the country, most of them men.

Due to skills shortages in many sectors and a lack of young workers aspiring to long careers, the pressure is mounting on German companies to keep employees happy.

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