Ex-keeper Maier: Bayern don’t need to sign Nuebel

Former Bayern Munich great Sepp Maier has criticised an alleged agreement that Schalke goalkeeper Alexander Nuebel would join the Bundesliga champions in summer, saying this could lead to unrest and won’t help the young player.

Schalke have confirmed that Nuebel, 23, will leave in summer, and the Bild paper has reported he has agreed to a five-year contract in Munich where Germany keeper Manuel Neuer is first choice and team captain.

Maier told Tuesday’s edition of Bild that the 33-year-oLd Neuer, who has a contract until 2021, would likely continue to play for another three or four years and that Bayern have enough good keepers, such as back-up Sven Ulreich who has deputised on many occasions.

“The next unrest will happen for sure, I can not imagine that Manuel will like this,” Meier said.

The 1974 World Cup winner also said he doesn’t understand the motives of Nuebel who has been first-choice at Schalke for a year and would most likely be confined to the subs’ bench at Bayern if a transfer happens.

“Nuebel is much too good to be on the subs’ bench. He must play and he wants to play, not just wait and train for three years,” Maier said.

Former national keepers Bodo Illgner and Jens Lehmann were also critical but Toni Schumacher, who spent his final season in Munich, had a different view.

“You go to Munich when Bayern call,” Schumacher said, adding it won’t harm Nuebel if he spends a season on the subs’ bench.

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