UBG concludes campaign for FPCCI Elections2020 on high note

Karachi (HRNW)- United Business Group members and candidates for the FPCCI Elections2020 have concluded their campaign on high note with speeches from all senior leadership and candidates in an annual dinner gala at Area51 Banquet yesterday. Event was also attended by Governor Sindh Imran Ismail to show solidarity with UBG candidates.
Speaking at the event S. M. Muneer Patron-in-Chief of UBG and a prominent business leader highlighted the achievements and accomplishments of FPCCI under UBG. He said prior 2014 FPCCI suffered heavy financial losses and its reputation as an apex body of the business community was severely damaged. “Witnessing such worst condition was difficult for any patriotic Pakistani so we decided to form a platform to unite all business community against those individuals who brought FPCCI on the verge of bankruptcy,” he said. S. M. Muneer said “Since 2014 UBG ushered a new era of rehabilitation and development of FPCCI to resolve the problems of the business community on priority.” He showed disappointment over the attempts of opposition to influence voters through political pressure and said FPCCI was a business community forum and political affiliations had nothing to do with the common interest of strengthening business sectors and the economy of Pakistan. He asserted that UBG would repeat the history by defeating opposition with huge margin.
Dr. Nauman Idrees Butt, UBG candidate for FPCCI Presidency said the new team of UBG has creative and farsighted plans for the revamp of FPCCI and overall economic development of Pakistan. He said S. M. Muneer was a beacon of hope for the business community. He said Pakistan faced a serious challenge of stagnant exports therefore it was imperative to have collective efforts under a policy framework to resolve exporters’ problems on priority and help them increase exports of the country.
Hanif Gohar UBG candidate for the position of Senior Vice President FPCCI welcomed all executive members and General body members for attending UBG dinner gala to show their support to the vision and leadership of S. M. Muneer who recently had transplant and doctors advised him to take more rest, still he actively participating in UBG election campaign. He specially thanked women members of UBG who were as active as all members. He said UBG panel had a detailed visit to all Pakistan to understand and learn the problems and issues of the business community. He condemned the unethical practice of opposition who resorted to political maneuvering and harassment of voters. He said we had presented our agenda for 2020 to all voters. He said UBG panel was open to suggestion and ready to further expand our targets. He announced that FPCCI would launch its own media channel and establish state-of-the-art research facility.
Large number of Executive Members and General Members of FPCCI attended the event and pledged to vote for UBG Panel led by Dr. Nauman Idress Butt, candidate for the position of FPCCI President and Muhammad Hanif Gohar, candidate for Senior Vice President position at FPCCI.
The UBG campaign for FPCCI Elections2020 has now concluded. UBG panel is confident since majority of the Chamber and Associations have already pledged to support UBG candidates.

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